Since joining PLS in October 2015 as Head of Publisher Relations, Jeremy has applied his considerable experience and skills to developing and nurturing relations with hundreds of publishers, our trade association members and other organisations. He has raised the profile of PLS and broadened publishers’ knowledge of collective licensing and our other services and has helped to shape and implement PLS’s publisher engagement strategy.

It is a validation of Jeremy’s contribution that we can now focus and strengthen our efforts on securing take up of publishers to our permissions services.

Sarah Faulder. Chief Executive, Publishers’ Licensing Services

I had the great pleasure to work on a project with Jeremy at Publishers’ Licensing Services (PLS). He has a keen sense of both publishing rights and the relationship management issues associated with them which was invaluable to the success of the project.

Ted Hill. CEO, MBV U.S.

An outstanding professional in his field, Jeremy is also a charming and innovative consultant, working for his clients’ best interests at all times.

Dr Jacki McCartney. Organisation Development Director at Syat

During his tenure at Magrudy’s Jeremy has been instrumental in heading up expansion projects and plans for the company’s future.

Jeremy is someone with absolute integrity, totally reliable and with excellent people skills. He has many years experience in publishing, retail and wholesale and educational projects. He has overseen the HR department and Marketing department, and js naturally a multitasker, a key asset when spearheading changes.

During this time, Magrudy’s was awarded the contract to found and run the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Jeremy was a very important part of the committee and instrumental in the complex logistics, finding additional sponsors, engagjng with authors, and a multitude of tasks.

Last year, Jeremy took on the project of finding out more about digital publishing and its effect on bookselling, the challenges and opportunities that it would bring culminating in a trip to Frankfurt Book Fair in October and a plan for Magrudy’s on the next steps in the process.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy.

Isobel Abulhoul. Director, Magrudy’s

I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy in the build up, organisation, and launch of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature which was first staged in February 2009. It was a new concept and required a major sponsor like Emirates Airline. We were more familiar with major sports teams like Arsenal FC and competitions like the FIFA World Cup but were convinced by Jeremy that we should add some cultural to our “agricultural” portfolio.

As a result of Jeremy’s management skills as Operations Director in the Festival team, from the word go the event was an outstanding success measured, for us, by the international publicity it created and the organisers, by the accolades from the authors and the public.

The second festival in 2010 highlighted that this was going to be a permanent part of Dubai’s annual attractions.

Jeremy’s administrative skills, coupled with his creativity and legal mind, make him an ideal choice for a company or organisation seeking a hard-working and enthusiastic go-getter.

He has a quiet and diplomatic personality which hides a steely determination to meet tough deadlines.

Mike Simon. Senior Vice-President, Corporate Communications, Emirates Airline

I have known and worked with Jeremy for some 3 years in my capacity as Finance Director of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and his as Chief Executive of Magrudy’s, the leading booksellers in the UAE and the bookseller sponsor of the Festival.

It has been a relationship which I have enjoyed. On a professional level I find Jeremy to be efficient, reliable and knowledgeable about books and the book trade. On a personal level I enjoy his company and find him very easy to work with. I would recommend him unhesitatingly.

Bill Samuel. Finance Director, Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

I worked with Jeremy at Motivate Publishing when he was Publishing Manager and I was Books Editor. He was accountable for the Book Department’s strategic direction, development and performance, a role he embraced and evolved wholeheartedly with boundless enthusiasm and energy.

His wonderful sense of humour and passion for his craft were infectious. He was a considerate, insightful, confident manager, able to multitask, motivate his staff and lead by example.

With consummate aplomb, Jeremy steered the department to great heights, and was responsible, in no small way, for securing several high-profile assignments, including book projects with Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s ruling families. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and I hope we’ll work together again some day.

Pippa Sanderson. Publishing Director at Western Regional Media and Head of Design and Production at Lynchpin Media