Publishing Services

With multiple formats and channels to market, marketing and monetising content by connecting with audiences has never been so vital. Jeremy provides commercial consultancy and strategy for publishers and writers as readership continues to grow.

Strategic Planning

  • Process improvement
  • Content Management
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Digital origination and conversation of print to digital
  • Account management, partner and stakeholder engagement
  • Market-leading technologies, formats and devices research
  • Pricing analytics and performance metrics
  • Marketing and Communications

Rights Management

  • Media rights and IP clearances and assertions
  • Licensing across international markets
  • Contract negotiation and terms with channel partners

Marketing and Communications

  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Brand development
  • Discoverability direct-to-consumer (vertical and horizontal channels)
  • Identification of strong partnerships and network contacts

Author Representation

  • Publishing proposal writing and submission
  • Gap and competitor analysis
  • Publisher placement
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Literary speaking engagements