Book Retail Services

Book retail faces cost pressures of the high street economy. Improved curation, investment, presentation and attracting and retaining good book sellers while seeking the support of publishers is important for driving growth and performance. Jeremy provides commercial consultancy for retailers that recognise the need for a compelling physical and on-line offer in the retail landscape.


  • Business development
  • Process planning and workflow optimisation
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Operational improvement 
  • Identification of strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Brand development and monetisation
  • Range development and merchandising
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Key performance metrics
  • Personnel development and training
  • Physical and online delivery


  • Market reports and analysis
  • Gap and competitor analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • SWOT, due diligence, best practice
  • Site, size and location analysis

Innovation and Creativity

  • Multiple channel marketing
  • Results-orientated creative solutions
  • E-commerce functionality and platforms